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LED Lighting

Many people these days are now discovering the advantages of LED lighting; these include the lower running costs, for example, standard GU10 downlights generally have 50 watt halogen lamps installed; for the equivalent LED retrofit lamp with the same light output (around 300 lumens) these are rated at 4.5 watt (megaman brand), so less than 10% power usage than of the standard 50 watt halogen.

Based on an average room in your house needing 8x50watt GU10 fittings, this would add up to 400 watts for the room; by just replacing with LED’s it would only be 36 watts total power used for the room, which would equate to big savings over even just a year for that one room, and if you were to change over your whole house to LED lighting you could be looking at saving 90% of running costs for the future, which with electric prices per unit always going up could save you some serious money.

Most LED’s from reputable brands claim to last for upto 50,000 hours, so savings on replacement lamps are also a plus point.

LED lighting can be used in a variety of applications, be it houses, shops and factories, etc; all can benefit from the savings achieved from changing over to LED.

A good example are shops with fluorescent lighting on all hours, these can be converted by an electrician internally, to allow for LED tubes to be fitted into an existing light fitting without to much disruption, and the savings would be great.


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